Faculty of Engineering

“Linking Academia and Industry”

Engineering is the field which deals with the application of scientific theories and mathematical methods, to analyze, design, implement, validate and test, then develop and improve technological solutions in different disciplines including structures construction, process design in different fields and manufacturing of materials, devices and equipment.

Faculty of Engineering-Soran University is a teaching and research academic center of excellence established in 2013 with three departments: civil, petroleum and chemical engineering.  It has fully qualified staff members graduated from well recognized and reputed national and international institutions. The academic staff seeks to push the boundaries of knowledge and renovate teaching and learning by adopting standard methods both in classroom and laboratory in order to provide multiple pathways to support the student’s success.

The faculty teaching programs closely follows recent teaching methodologies and laboratory techniques because of being committed to excellence in teaching, research, and community services. The staff of faculty of engineering work as team to position the faculty for current and future success, and to build  qualified individuals who are capable of generating effective solutions and providing new direction by using engineering approaches in the field of civil, petroleum and chemical engineering sciences.

In addition, faculty of engineering academic staff and experienced researchers collaborate with industry and contributes to the advancement of knowledge by licensing of projects, and new engineering approaches to stimulating Kurdistan region economy.


The mission of faculty of engineering is to raise students as qualified engineers who are educated in an environment supported with advanced technology, capable of learning and searching independently, technologically well qualified and also sensitive to social issues.


The mission of faculty of engineering is to become an internationally recognized faculty having highly qualified and specialized academic staff and hence provide its students with an effective and dynamic research and education environment.


The objectives of faculty of engineering is to build qualified amuses as engineers after successfully completing undergraduate program offering required in-depth and comprehensive scope of engineering  sciences subjects with help of solid practice targeting applied and engineering sciences  background, and capable to track the developments in the field, capable to learn independently through researching and to use the outcomes in solution of the existing problems or improvement of current solutions, our students, sensitive to social issues, can in near future, work as academician/ researcher, team/project member, team/project manager, and entrepreneur.


The faculty of engineering seeks to be one of the leaders in research innovation. The faculty researchers are on the cutting edge of novel work in many industrial sectors and are working with industry leaders in research and development, addressing challenges, and assisting with training. Through collaborations with industry, the faculty researchers are stimulating Kurdistan region economy and constantly seeking to move the researches from lab to industrial scale. The faculty of engineering has long supported these initiatives, which tangibly demonstrate the value of the intellectual capital created by the faculty, staff, and students.