Faculty of Engineering

“Linking Academia and Industry”

The Faculty of Engineering in Soran University was academically established in 2013. The faculty structure composed of three departments (Petroleum Engineering, Civil engineering and Chemical Engineering). The Faculty of Engineering is located at the University's Delzyan campus and currently offers teaching and supervision to about 450 students at undergraduate level while conducting research in all fields covered by its departments.

The Faculty carries out its mission to create high quality undergraduate curriculum covering various engineering and technical disciplines which work to educate Soran University students as leaders and integrator in technological innovation, and to prepare engineers to address future challenges. The high quality curriculum of the three engineering departments has been prepared by specialized curriculum committees following the international standards. Different specialist courses are tailored to the needs of industry professionals and combine academic rigor with applications to real-world situations.

The educational opportunities offered to students in the faculty are enhanced by the availability of high-quality classrooms, various well-equipped research laboratories and programs, advanced computer facilities, and innovative educational technology which provides many opportunities for the students to establish a close relationship with faculty members. High-potential graduates are one of the many objectives faculty of engineering works on. 


Our Vision

Faculty of engineering endeavors to be one of the top ranked engineering schools in Iraq and the region, during the next years advanced. The engineering department strives to create leaders in industrial practice, civil service, education, and research.

Our Mission

  •  Graduating engineers in the field of chemical , petroleum and civil engineering  who effectively  combine their broad knowledge of applied sciences with their engineering analysis and design skills for the creative solution of problems in chemical, petroleum and civil sectors and to serve all areas of industry; 
  • Building the leadership qualities in its graduates through teaching how to lead, problem solving, team work, quality considerations, and professionalism at work;
  •  Instilling in graduates the spirit and commitment for acquiring knowledge and community service;
  • Contributing ideas of projects and caring out research for the benefit and development of the community;
  • Lead or participate successfully on multidisciplinary teams assembled to tackle complex multifaceted problems that may require implementation of both experimental and computational approaches and a broad array of analytical tools;
  • Design systems, component, or processes that meet technical and economical design objectives, with consideration of environmental, social, and ethical issues, as well as sustainable s goals;
  • Achieve success as professionals in chemical, petroleum and civil engineering as well as related fields, including business, chemicals, and environmental protection;
  • Scientific exchange and cooperation with other relevant engineering departments in Kurdistan/Iraq and abroad.