Abdulqadir Bayz Hammad Amin

Full Name: Abdulqadir Bayz Hammad Amin

Faculty: Engineering 

Department: Civil

Address: Shorish 218- Erbil

Email: Abdulqadir.bayz@soran.edu.iq

Academic title: Assistant Lecturer

Responsibility: Lecturer

General Expertise: Architecture

Special Expertise: Architecture Technology and Design

Research Interests:

  • Learning space design
  • Architecture Technology
  • History of Architecture (Local)


  • BSc. In Architectural Engineering
  • MSc in Architectural Technology and Design


My teaching experience is just started after obtaining MSc in Architectural Technology and Design. I am teaching for four years in Soran University. I have taught more than four course in different stage and Department. Also, I am teaching in Ishik University – Erbil for near two years in Architecture Department. Furthermore, I am researching on learning space design and their impact on learner performance and behavior. You participated by paper in 1st international Conference for Engineering and Innovative Technology which have been organized by Salahaddin University- Erbil. My computer skill in significant part of experience. I am good user of AutoCAD, Auto CAD Architecture, 3Ds Max, Autodesk Revit and Sketch up programme.

Publications: (Books, researches)

  • Swar, S., Khayat, M., Amin, A., 2016, The Design Efficiency of Foundation Schools in the Erbil Governorate: A study of Usable Area Ratios. ZANCO Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences ZJPAS (2016) 28(2): s111-119: Erbil

Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

  • 1st International Conference on Engineering and Innovative Technology- April 12-14, 2016 Salahaddin University- Erbil Kurdistan Region/Iraq