Hewa Hussein Omar

Full Name: Hewa Hussein Omar

Faculty: Engineering

Department: Chemical

Address: Soran - Diana

Email: hewa.omar@soran.edu.iq

Academic title:  assistant lecturer

General Expertise: Mechanical Engineering and Engine for flying vehicles

Special Expertise: Areal Vehicles Engines

Research Interests:

  • Analysis of bypass turbojet engine with afterburner combustion chamber.
  • Selection of basic cycle parameters of compound power-planet for the gas pumping units created on the base of aircraft jet engines.


  • 2005–2006 obtained a Bachelor of Science in Engineering(BSc) in mechanical department at university of Sallahadin.
  • 2009 –2010 obtained a diploma in Russian language at Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).
  • 2010- 2014 obtained a Bachelor of Science in Engineering(BSc) in  Engines for flying vehicles at Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). Obtain diploma with honors.
  • 2014-2016 obtained  master degree (Msc) in  Engines for flying vehicles at Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) diploma with honors.

A young graduate with good management, problem solving and leadership skills; have been selected as team leader many times.  I completed my BSc course in Mechanic Engineering at Salahaddin University in 2006. and worked around two years as a Mechanic Engineer. Then, I was awarded a fully funded scholarship to study BSc and MSc degree abroad. I studied one year Russian Language course at Moscow Aviation institute ( National research University), and then I started my BSc course in 2010 until 2014 and then started MSc course in 2014 until 2016 in Aerial vehicles Engines  at the same University. I completed the course in 2016, and currently I am working as leader for Mechanic of Materials modules for second stage of Chemical departments of faculty of Engineering of Soran University.