Salah Jameel Jabrael

Full Name: Salah Jameel Jabrael

Department: English

Address: Soran , Barzan Quarter , Kawa Street , Alley 7


Academic title: Assistant Lecturer

Responsibility: teaching English at Department of English - Faculty of Arts, and at Civil , Petroleum , Chemical at Faculty of Engineering ,and at Law Dep. – Faculty of Law

General Expertise: English Language and Linguistics

Special Expertise: Sociolinguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis

Research Interests:  Sociolinguistics and Linguistics in general including language and Identity, politics and Mass Media



  • Obtaining BA in English Department , The College of Education and Humanitarian Sciences in 2005 ,
  • Obtaining MA in English language and Linguistics from Sheffield Hallam University, in the UK in 2013


I graduated from English Department , College of Education and Humanitarian Science , Salahaddin University in 2005.

I worked as an editor , translator and interpreter of English language in Kurdistan TV , once there was an English Department form 2005-2009 , for about five years. During that period , I had chance to conduct interview with American , British , Australian and Canadian high- ranking officials who visited Kurdistan and the programs were broadcast in English. I even dubbed the interviews in Kurdish.

Following the closure of the English Department in Kurdiatn TV Channel , which was well-known for mother of Kurdish Channels , I left the TV and employed in Faculty of Education as a head of library  till 2011. After that , I had a chance to study at Sheffield Hallam University, English Language and Linguistics , which was 10 top in the UK. I obtained MA in the field of Language and Linguistics , Sociolinguistics  and my thesis was about Critical Discourse Analysis.

It is for about four years , I have been teaching in Faculty of Arts in the Department of English and over the three years ago in Sociology , History at Faculty of Arts and at Departments of  Kurdish , Mathematics and English in the Faculty of Education.Also , I taught Technical English in the Soran Institute in 2009 -2011. Moreover , I taught General English in Ruwanuz Private Institute , Tourism Department over two years ago.

Right now , I am teaching in English Department , Faculty of Arts , the lectures of Phonetics and Phonology , Linguistic Theory , Language and Identity ; and Technical English at Departments of Civil , petroleum and Chemical Engineering , Faculty of Engineering ; and General English at Law Dep. , Faculty of Law , Soran University.

I am interested in conducting in my field , but owing to the limitation of time and being busy with teaching , I have not been able to be successful in my concentration.    


Publications: (Books, researches)

I am still working on my paper on Critical Discourse Analysis on the KRG's oil and Gas Issue, due to the limitation of time and being busy with the process of teaching, it has not been finished. It is expected to be published after Ramadan Feast ; because the most parts of the research has been completed.

Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

I participated in some local conferences and Workshops of Soran University including, Student Conference, certain Workshops of Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Engineering.