Dean of the Faculty

Bengin Masih Awdel is a senior lecturer of Civil Engineering Materials – Faculty of Engineering at the Soran University. He obtained his MSc in Civil Engineering. He was awarded a PhD scholarship in Civil Engineering/Sustainable Construction Materials and his academic career began as a resea
rch student at the University of Wolverha
mpton - UK. He moved to Soran University in Kurdis
tan - Iraq as a lecturer and was appointed Head of Civil Engineering Department. He became the Dean of 
the Faculty of Engineering at the Soran University in 2014. He has overall responsibility for the leadership and management of the Faculty. He plays a major role in identifying and implementing Faculty’s teaching/research strategy as a member of the Council. His current research focuses on the utilisation of waste, industrial by-product, novel materials and recycled materials in producing high quality construction materials. He published 14 papers in the field of sustainable construction materials.

Bengin Masih Awdel (CV)


Phone Number:+964 750 4456901

Address: Soran University - Delzyan - Faculty of Engineering