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بەڕێوەچوونی سیمینار لە فاکەڵتییەکەمان

لە دڕێژەی کاروچالاکییەکانی فاکەڵتییەکەمان ئەمڕۆ سێشەممە ڕێکەوتی٢٠١٩/١٠/٨، سیمیناڕێک لە لایەن بەڕێز (م. کۆشیارحیدری) بە ناونیشانی: Writing a proper literature review پێشکەش بە ئامادەبووان کرا. 

Doing a literature review is one of the necessary first steps of every research project. A  literature review saves you wasting time researching something that has already been done; provides an intellectual context for your work; and enables you to position your project in relation to others in the field. It also provides you with an opportunity to show where there are gaps in the research that has been undertaken and demonstrates how your research may fill any such gaps.

In today's seminar, that aimed to provide guidance for 4th stage student with their final year project, we talked about how to find and refine proper material online; how to categorize your reading material before starting to write the literature review; how to realistically allocate time to various parts of students' final year project; and strategies to structure and start to write the literature review. We also talked about the qualities that are expected from a good well-refined literature review and how to achieve them."