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بەڕێوەچوونی سیمینار لە لایەن د. جمال کاک رسول

ئەمڕۆ چوارشەممە ڕێکەوتی ٢٠١٨/١١/١٤، بە ئامادەبوونی مامۆستایانی بەڕێز سیمینارێک لە فاکەڵتیییەکەمان پێشکەش کرا لە لایەن مامۆستای بەشی ئەندازیاری شارستانی بەڕێز( جمال کاک رسول) بەناونیشانی: Stress Distributions and Pullout Responses of Extensible and Inextensible Reinforcement in Soil Using Different Normal Loading Methods  

In design of reinforced soil structures, pullout capacity of reinforcement in is an important parameter for stability analysis. This parameter is generally evaluated by conducting laboratory tests. In the laboratory, the reinforcement is embedded in the soil mass at a normal stress, which is commonly applied by a pressurized airbag or a hydraulic jack through a rigid plate, and then a pullout force is applied to the reinforcement. This evaluated the distributions of the vertical earth pressures in the pullout box and the pullout force behavior under different methods of applying load. The tests results showed that the methods of applying load had substantial effect on the pullout force especially in case of strip reinforcement.