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بەڕێوەچوونی سیمینار لە لایەن م. عارف قادری

ئەمڕۆ سێ شەممە ڕێکەوتی ٢٠١٩/٢/٥، مامۆستای بەشی ئەندازیاری شارستانی بەڕێز(م. عارف قادری) سیمینارێک سەبارەت بە زیاتر ئاشنابوون بە یاسا و ڕێنماییەکانی پێشبڕکێ شەترەنج پێشکەش بە ئامادەبوونی بەشداربووانی پێشبڕکێ شەترەنج کرد.  
The Laws of Chess have two parts: 1. Basic Rules of Play and 2. Competition Rules. The Laws of Chess cannot cover all possible situations that may arise during a game, nor can they regulate all administrative questions. Where cases are not precisely regulated by an Article of the Laws, it should be possible to reach a correct decision by studying analogous situations which are regulated in the Laws. BASIC RULES OF PLAY Article 1: The nature and objectives of the game of chess Article 2: The initial position of the pieces on the chessboard Article 3: The moves of the pieces Article 4: The act of moving the pieces Article 5: The completion of the game COMPETITION RULES Article 6: The chess clock Article 7: Irregularities Article 8: The recording of the moves Article 9: The drawn game Article 10: Points Article 11: The conduct of the players 
Article 12: The role of the Arbiter