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Rooftop solar photovoltaic installation (5000 watt/s)

چوارشەممە ٢٠٢٢/٥/١١، بەڕێز" م. خدیجە میرزا" مامۆستای بەشی ئەندازیاری کیمیایی لە فاکەڵتییەکەمان سمینارێک بە ناونیشانی:
Rooftop solar photovoltaic installation (5000 watt/s پێشکەش بە ئامادەبووانی بەڕێز کرا.

Rooftop solar panels rely on the ability of the solar cells to harness the energy of the sun
and convert it to electricity. On-grid system is one in which the solar power system is
.connected to the utility's power grid
There are many things that you need to consider before you jump in and start the
installation process. Checking feasibility for installation of a rooftop solar system includes
shadow test, rooftop type, sizing of solar system, system output, pricing of solar system
Required components for installation of rooftop solar system are monocrystalline solar
panels, steel hot dip-galvanized structure, 5kw/h inverter, earthing system and electric
This project has been done as a result of a contract with renewable energy organization in
.Iran for 20 years. Required time and capital cost were 50 days and 4500$, respectively