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Omran Fakhraddin Salim

Full Name:  Omran Fakhraddin Salim Amini


Contact Info

Faculty: Engineering

Department: Civil

Address: Dlzyan, Soran, Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq


Phone Number: +9647503428785


Academic title: Assistan Lectr


General Expertise: Civil Engineering

Special Expertise: Surveying Engineering

Research Interests: ·         Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

·                                                                                        Artificial Neural Network.



Education:  - BSc in Surveying Engineering - Golestan University-Gorgan(Iran)


                      - MSc Surveying/ Remote Sensing Engineering –University of Tehran - Tehran(Iran)



Mr. Omran Amini received a Bachelor's degree in Surveying Engineering in 2011. And then he has been working on a Surveyor for 3 years in engineering companies like DNO and FARAB in region of Kurdistan of Iraq. He has been studying remote sensing engineering in the University of Tehran from 2014 to 2016. He is also known as a country best student in 2016 and is a member of Iran's Surveyor Engineers Society.
He has a history of teaching at Urmia University of Technology and Tehran University.
He is currently teaching as a full-time Assistant Lecturer at Soran University.




Publications: (Books, researches)

 ·         Omran Amini, Saied Homayoni, and FarhadSamadzadegan. " Toward Optimum Fusion of Thermal Imagery and Visible Data for Urban Land-Cover Classification." International Journal of Digital Earth.

 ·         Omran Amini, FarhadSamadzadegan, FarzanehDadrasjavan." Urmia Lake shoreline Extraction using remote sensing images."Conference Paper. 

Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium and Published  papers.)

·         Main Membership of Iranian Society of Surveying Engineers