Since 2009, Soran University has had a Department of Civil Engineering (DCVE) inside the Faculty of Engineering (SUN). DCVE's undergraduate program prepares students towards a civil engineering degree. Bridges, dams, roads, transit systems, airports, tunnels, irrigation systems, water supplies, and industrial and commercial structures are just a few of the infrastructure that civil engineers plan, design, build, and manage in today's cities. It is one of the most satisfying jobs available to men and women in terms of personal fulfilment, long-term contribution to humanity, and financial rewards.

Civil engineering deals with the planning, design, and building of infrastructure that are necessary in modern society. Civil engineers deal with issues such as constructions, water supply, traffic congestion, pollution, and infrastructure upgrades. Structural engineering, construction engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, and water resources engineering are all sub-disciplines of civil engineering.

DCVE is dedicated to directly improving the community life of the Kurdistan Region, specifically the city of Soran, by providing quality education and skilled graduates, applied research conducted by staff and students, seminars and workshops presented in collaboration with city government departments, and field engineers who have graduated from the department.

The department's undergraduate programs include pure and applied mathematics courses, as well as updated elective disciplines that the industry and market want.

DCVE Mission:

The Department of Civil Engineering's mission is to train students for occupations that will allow them to positively contribute to the design, building, maintenance, and progress of civil engineering-based systems that are vital to the quality of life in a changing local and global market.

Our mission is to educate engineers in both the technical and social elements of engineering, including new methodologies, technologies, and policies, as well as the importance of life-long learning.

The Department of Civil Engineering aspires to graduate highly trained engineers who will serve their local communities and wider global market with quality and professional integrity.

DCVE Vision:

We envision to accomplish our mission by equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to comprehend the physical world, apply that knowledge to present and future societal demands, and responsibly and ethically address the effects that constructed systems can have on a community and its environment. Faculty and students in the Department will improve the level of knowledge in the field via research, publications, and related services to the profession and community as part of this process.


The Department's educational objectives for its undergraduate program reflect our commitment to providing a program that produces graduates who can: Capably design, build, supervise, or improve civil engineering-based systems in the context of environmental, economic, and societal requirements within four years of graduation.

  • As ethical and responsible professionals, serve the community.

  • Engage in lifelong learning to advance your career.


Because the language of instruction at DCVE is English, enrolled students must have a high level of English proficiency. Bachelor students who do not meet this English criterion must take the Intensive English Programme (IEP) and pass the following criteria before beginning their main Bachelor program.