Admission of our B.Sc.

If you are applying to the Faculty of Engineering directly from high school, you will be considered for admission into the qualifying first year of the program. The first-year curriculum is designed to give you a solid foundation and introduce you to the vast opportunities available in the Faculty as well as in the profession. Not only will you increase your academic capacity, but you'll also discover how you can shape your future career. 

Academic Requirements

Students are assessed for admission into the Faculty of Engineering based on the average they present in the four required senior-level high school subjects:

High School Subject Area High School Course

Math Math +75%

Chemistry Chemistry + 80%

Physics Physics 80%

English English 90%


All university admissions in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) is regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education, directorate of Admissions. Students are using ZankoLine platform to apply for universities.