As the world continues to rely on hydrocarbon resources for energy and mineral resources for industrial and technological development, the role of petroleum and mining engineers becomes increasingly critical. These professionals are instrumental in finding sustainable solutions to meet global energy demands, address environmental concerns, and ensure the responsible utilization of Earth's natural resources. In summary, petroleum and mining engineering have evolved in response to the world's growing energy and resource needs, embracing technological advancements, environmental stewardship, and interdisciplinary collaboration. These fields play an integral role in shaping the sustainable future of our planet and maintaining the delicate balance between resource extraction and environmental conservation.

The department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering (DPME) of Excellence for phases of extraction, from discovery, feasibility studies, optimization of extraction, construction and maintenance of mines and wells, to the safety of the crew and evaluating effects on the environment is based in Soran, Iraq's Kurdistan Region, and serves regional markets.  The Petroleum and Mining Engineering stands out because it combines engineering and petroleum geoscience expertise. The Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering offers two programs namely Petroleum Engineering and Mining Engineering. Both programs offer Bachelor of science (BSc.) in petroleum and mining engineering with concentration of Petroleum Engineering or concentration of Mining engineering. These two programs are designed to prepare graduates for mining, resources, petroleum, and related industries both in Kurdistan and abroad. These programs also facilitate graduates to carry on to higher education and to provide students with a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the challenges that petroleum engineers and the petroleum energy industry sector face.

Petroleum and Mining Engineering have advanced significantly in response to technological innovations and environmental concerns. Petroleum engineers have pioneered techniques for locating and extracting oil and gas from increasingly complex and challenging geological formations, while also prioritizing safety and environmental sustainability. Mining engineers, on the other hand, have adapted to deeper and more remote mineral deposits, employing advanced machinery and methods while striving to minimize the ecological footprint of mining operations.

The DPaME programs at Soran University (SUN) was developed to fulfil the exploration and production demands of the Kurdistan region. In the subject of petroleum and Mining engineering, the curriculum incorporates theory, practice, and training.

Our Petroleum and Mining engineering programs prepares students for work in the extraction industry, but also in research and development, legal advising, education, manufacturing and machinery design, or managerial positions. Example roles include mine manager, drill planner and designer, technical service manager, production engineer, government inspector, petroleum attorney, investment analyst, chief executive.

We hope to provide an inspiring learning experience as well as groundbreaking work with a practical focus. Our employees are forward-thinking and creative professionals who contribute their knowledge and excitement to their job. Our rigorous and thought-provoking courses benefit from their expertise, making the Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering and SUN a fascinating and dynamic place to learn. In addition, the Department's ongoing development program guarantees that students have access to some of the region's top facilities and equipment. We have a thriving and rapidly expanding teaching community with expertise in a wide range of fields, including petroleum geology, drilling engineering, reservoir engineering and simulation, engineering production, and other engineering fields like materials engineering, fluid flow, and engineering design.

At DPME we strive that our graduates to attain:

DPME Mission: 

DPME Vision:


Program Educational Objectives:

The educational objectives of the Mining and Petroleum engineering program are to produce graduates who will be, within a few years of graduation:



The language of instruction at the DPME is English for all courses, except the Kurdistan Studies course, where the language of study is Kurdish.  


In order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum and Mining Engineering, a student must successfully complete the following program requirements:

Petroleum and mining engineering represents a dynamic and crucial discipline at the intersection of geology, engineering, and energy resource management. This field has evolved in response to the world's insatiable demand for hydrocarbon resources, including oil, natural gas, and various minerals, which are fundamental to modern society's energy needs and industrial development. Our B.Sc. program in Petroleum and Mining Engineering is a leading undergraduate program with good International connection, such as Kazan Federal University in Russia. Our graduates are attractive in the regional market.