DPME graduate students will have:

Beneficial Skills for DPME Program

When starting an education in DPME, several talents come in handy. Strong petroleum and mining technical skills, collaboration skills, problem-solving abilities, the ability to work under pressure, numerical and analytical skills, IT skills, as well as good health and fitness, are all important.

Analytical Skills

In petroleum and mining engineering, analytical abilities refer to the capacity to gather and analyse data, solve problems, and make judgments. These abilities can aid in the resolution of business issues and the enhancement of overall productivity and success. As a result, some fundamental analytical abilities are quite beneficial while commencing a DPaME course. These include the capacity to collect, gather, visualize, and analyse information in depth; the ability to see an issue from a distinct perspective; the ability to solve difficult problems through effective decision-making; and the ability to answer various (how) questions.

Communication Skill

This ability is required for pupils to participate in the DPME program. Strong analytical abilities are useless if the learner is unable to share his findings with others. He must be a good communicator who can explain the trends he notices in the data. The student may be required to give an oral presentation or write a report on occasion. This requires fluency in both speaking and writing English..