Petroleum and Mining  Engineering

B.Sc. in Petroleum and Mining  Engineering

People's everyday life rely heavily on energy. Petroleum engineers are in great demand because they can address and solve major technological difficulties that will lead to energy security and socioeconomic development. Engineering is a hard and rewarding career that demands the creative use of a broad range of knowledge, including but not limited to mathematics, physics, geology, and chemistry.

Experts believe that oil and gas will continue to play an essential part in the world's energy supply as global demand grows. Petroleum engineers are tasked with making difficult project decisions to a large extent, putting them in a position of considerable responsibility. Furthermore, because hydrocarbon deposits may be discovered in places as different as Asia, South America, and Europe, petroleum engineers will have fascinating prospects all over the world.

Soran University (SU) delivers a four-year bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering. The B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering program emphasizes not just petroleum engineering fundamentals, but also the business techniques utilized to arrive at the optimum engineering solutions for field development and operations.

The petroleum engineering program's goal is to produce practical, competent engineers who can pursue jobs in the oil and gas production and services sectors, as well as other related fields. To maintain their education current and provide them the capacity to self-instruct after graduation, graduates of the program are required to comprehend the fundamental concepts of science and engineering underlying the technology of petroleum engineering. They should be prepared to assist society by demonstrating ethical behaviour, professionalism, and natural resource stewardship that is environmentally responsible.

Head of Department

Dr. Hiwa H. Omer is the Head of Department of Petroleum Engineering (DPME). He is the primary point of contact for DPME's academic and administrative matters. Dr Hiwa and his staff have an open door policy to accept you with your inquiries about your educational route at DPME. DPME is an active department with a vibrant programme managed by a committed staff. Dr. Hiwa focuses on internalisation and strong collaboration in order to progress the department. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Hiwa or his office.

DPME Office

Mr. Foad Hatam Yousefi (B.Sc., M.Sc.) is a full-time member of DPME's Academic and Administrative team and he  is in charge of managing office work, DPME communications, and dealing with student issues.

Job Security

The knowledge and skills of SUN graduates incorporate concepts like as effective communication, critical thinking, and project management, which are essential in most jobs. Petroleum engineering studies and the practical program at SUN provide you with these and other skills that may be used ... Find out more >>> 

Become Professional

When starting an education in DPME, several talents come in handy. Strong petroleum technical skills, collaboration skills, problem-solving abilities, the ability to work under pressure, numerical and analytical skills, IT skills, as well as good health and fitness, are all important. 
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