What are the job opportunities for Civil Engineer? 

Civil engineering is one of the oldest professions, and its work can be seen all around the world. Civil engineers were required for the design and construction of all constructions, from Egyptian pyramids to contemporary skyscrapers. In both urban and rural areas, civil engineers are involved in the development of highway transportation networks, ports and airports, as well as water and waste management.

These are popular career choices after graduation for this programme. There are also many other career choices beyond engineering, which are proven adaptable by undergraduate students from DCEE due to holistic personal and professional skills' development during the study.

Civil engineers are employed by construction businesses at every stage of a structure's planning, design, construction, and upkeep. The foundations of a structure are designed by geotechnical engineers, who are professional civil engineers who analyse soils and rocks. Structural engineers install the proper construction materials, such as masonry, wood, concrete, or steel, as well as structural systems such as beams, columns, and other components, to guarantee that the structure can withstand the loads placed on it. Wind, earthquakes, snow, ice, and the loads associated with its future usage and habitation are examples.