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Workshop: Mon 23th of Oct

Anastasia Mikhailova  will hold his workshop titled "HIGH-CARBON DOMANIC ROCKS AS UNCONVENTIONAL SOURCES OF HYDROCARBONS - COMPOSITION, PROPERTIES AND METHODS OF PRODUCTION OF SHALE OIL FROM THEM ". The research that will be presented in this workshop has helped you to learn what is inside different types of stones like domansite and domanicoid, as well as the oil you can get from them. He also looked at the constituents of these rocks and how they change when heated.
>> Further info at this link

Workshop: Tue 17th of Oct

Mohammad Ramyar will hold his workshop titled "Main Rig Systems". The aim of this workshop is to Drilling rigs are composed of various systems, which has a specific task in drilling  operations. Due to the fact that drilling methods has changed from impact to rotary drilling, drilling rig systems have become more complex and consist of more parts. Depending on the type and depth of drilling, the specifications of the formation etc. other drilling systems may be added to the below systems.
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Webinar: Mon 16th of May

Dr Namam Muhammed Salih from Department of Petroleum Engineering with held an Online Seminar on "SCANNING THE LOWER CRETACEOUS CARBONATE ROCKS UTILIZING STABLE ISOTOPES AND PETROGRAPHIC RECORDS" on 16th of May at 20:00, Please join this Google Meet Webinar
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Symposium: Thu 12th May

The 1st Annual Mesopotamia`s Oil & Gas Symposium: A Symposium on Natural Gas Resource and Development, This event take place in collaboration with Komar University, Kazan Federal University. It will create a landmark in research and knowledge exchange between international higher education institute. Please join us.
>> Further info at this link

Workshop: 3rd of April 2022

Dr Dilan M Rostam will hold his 2nd workshop on "Turning Data into Information Assets: Building Up Ranking of the University". The workshop aim to give a systematic and structured way to turn the Data produced at the University to turn into valuable Information Asset. The Workshop target leadership, Media, IT and QA at the university, but open to everyone. >> Further info at this link