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Leadership and creativity are the foundations of successful engineering careers. To produce breakthrough engineering breakthroughs, the world's most recognized organizations rely on critical thinking and analytical skills. These firms' leaders smoothly combine engineering and commercial viewpoints to tackle pressing societal issues. Explore for more information

Chemical engineers are trained to design, develop, and run chemical processes for the production of chemicals, petroleum products, food, medicines, and consumer goods in an affordable and safe manner. To reinforce the ideas and concepts taught in the classroom, the curriculum includes intensive laboratory work and computer process modelling. Please explore to find out more.

B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering 

The B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering programs provides students with a solid foundation in basic civil engineering subjects, while also encouraging them to research and comprehend the worldwide civil engineering and Environmental Engineering profession and industry. Constructions, building engineering, environmental issue infrastructure management such as bridges and roads systems are all covered by this broad scientific and technical area. Find out more

B.Sc. in Petroleum and Mining  Engineering

Petroleum and Minig engineering is central to safe, efficient and sustainable development of oil and gas assets to meet global energy and resource demands. Our B.Sc. program in Petroleum Engineering is a leading undergraduate program with good International connection, such as Kazan Federal University in Russia. Our graduates are attractive in the regional market, please explore to find out more.

B.Sc. in Mechatronic and Robotics Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechatronic and Robotics Engineering is an undergraduate degree program that is combination of fundamental electronic, mechanics, electrical, and automation in order to design of "intelligent" systems and products in which mechanization and control requiring sensing, actuation, and computation are combined to achieve improved product quality and performance. Find out more

Our staff are our most valuable asset, and they are here to make a difference in people's lives. We've gathered a group of brilliant, committed academics to train the region's leading professional engineers. Get to know them and connect with the FENG/SUN academic community. Explore

Our success is mirrored in the achievement of our students during their time at SUN. We are honoured to run this university and contribute to a sense of community belonging and achievement. With high grades and satisfactions, our students enjoy our educational environment. Explore