Chemical Engineering (DCHE)

One of the most diverse engineering fields is chemical engineering. Its scope of practice includes the creation, design, and control of chemical and biological processes and products, as well as the operation of such processes. Chemical engineers work in a wide range of businesses, since many of the goods that maintain and enrich life are created by carefully designed and regulated molecular modifications. Chemical and energy firms are among these industries, as are manufacturers of consumer and speciality goods, medicines, textiles, polymers, sophisticated materials, and solid-state and biomedical devices.

Industry, government, consultancy, and education all provide opportunities. Research and development, operations, technical service, product development, process and plant design, market analysis and development, process control, and pollution abatement are all areas of professional job.

Soran University (SUN) delivers a four-year bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering. The B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering program emphasizes not just petroleum engineering fundamentals, but also the business techniques utilized to arrive at the optimum engineering solutions for field development and operations.

Head of Department

Dr Arkan Jasim Hadi is the head of Department of Chemical Engineering.

DCHE Office

Mr. Aref Ghaderi (B.Sc., M.Sc.) is a full-time member of DCHE's Academic and Administrative team and he is in charge of managing office work, DCHE communications, and dealing with student issues.

Where to work?

As a Chemical Engineer, you make or improve products used in our daily lives. Your Chemical Engineering major can also be useful in areas like law, education, publishing, finance and medicine. Find out more >>

Learning for life

The chemical engineering degree program prepares students for professional practice in chemically related careers after the bachelor's degree or an advanced degree.
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