Chemical Engineering (DCHE)

One of the most diverse engineering fields is chemical engineering. Its scope of practice includes the creation, design, and control of chemical and biological processes and products, as well as the operation of such processes.

Soran University (SUN) delivers a four-year bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. The B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering program make the graduates more confidence of the surroundings in the field of business, pharmaceutical, environments, petroleum and gas, polymers, foods industries.

Head of Department

badiea abdullah mahyoub Is associate professor since 2017, A lecturer at many universities since 2011., Ph.D in Corrosion Engineering, Mysore University, India, 2010. M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, specialist of Heat Transfer, Basra University, Iraq, 2003, bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, Baghdad University 1999. He has more than 30 publications in the area of Corrosion Engineering, Energy, Engineering Maintenance, solid waste recycling, and nanofluids. Two years Head of Industrial and Manufacturing System Engirting, four years vice- dean of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and three years dean of Postgraduate Studies Center, Tazi University. 

DCHE Office

Where to work?

In terms of research, the department aspires to establish an atmosphere in which its academic staff may undertake internationally competitive research in their fields of specialization and provide consulting services to a number of companies, including the oil, gas, and energy industries. The department's overall goal is to produce world-class graduates and perform high-quality research.Find out more >>

Learning for life

The chemical engineering degree program prepares students for professional practice in chemically related careers after the bachelor's degree or an advanced degree.
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