Faculty of Engineering (FENG)

Engineering solutions for a sustainable future.

We're educating professionals for a competitive market, forming strong industry collaborations, and addressing infrastructure, environmental, and urban sustainability concerns. We're also developing smarter technology, which is transforming how we live and work.

FENG at Soran University (SUN) offers a superb blend of programmes that will get you closer to your professional goals. SUN is located in the heart of Kurdistan's highlands, surrounded by a stunning environment, providing you with a pleasant experience for management along with your education.


Engineering is the study of the application of scientific theories and mathematical methods to analyse, design, implement, validate, and test technological solutions in a variety of disciplines, such as structure construction, process design in various fields, and material, device, and equipment manufacturing.

Soran University's Faculty of Engineering (FENG) was created in 2013 as a teaching and research academic centre of excellence with Four departments: Chemical (DCHE), Civil and Environmental Engineering  (DCEE), Mining and Petroleum Engineering  (DPME), and Mechatronic and Robotics Engineering (DMRE) It employs completely competent personnel who have earned degrees from well-known and reputable national and international universities. The academic staff strives to push the frontiers of knowledge and revamp teaching and learning by using conventional techniques in the classroom and laboratory to give students with many paths to achievement.


Our vision is to be a leader in engineering education in the region to prepare efficient, skilled, innovative and leading engineers for the sake of prosperity and sustainable life.


Our message is to prepare an efficient individual through.


The objectives of faculty of engineering is to build qualified amuses as engineers after successfully completing undergraduate program offering required in-depth and comprehensive scope of engineering  sciences subjects with help of solid practice targeting applied and engineering sciences  background, and capable to track the developments in the field, capable to learn independently through researching and to use the outcomes in solution of the existing problems or improvement of current solutions, our students, sensitive to social issues, can in near future, work as academician/ researcher, team/project member, team/project manager, and entrepreneur.