Quality Assurance at FENG

The quality assurance process in the educational process in Soran University (SUN), is implemented through:

  • Quality assurance of study programs;

  • Quality assurance of the learning process;

  • Providing quality research and professional work;

  • Quality assurance of teachers and external associates;

  • Quality assurance of student learning;

  • Quality assurance of literature, library and information sources;

  • Quality assurance of university management, academic units and administration;

  • Quality assurance of infrastructure and equipment;

  • Financing and financial planning of the quality assurance process;

  • Active role of students in self-evaluation and quality assurance;

  • Systematic Monitoring, Control and Periodic Quality Evaluation;

  • Continuous improvement and assurance of Quality.

Miss Shireen Mansour Al-Majmaie

QA Officer

The Academic Quality team, which is based under Academic Support at FENG, intends to provide a professional support service across FENG and SUN. Miss Shirin is a QA officer at FENG who can assist you with your needs and QA inquiries.

QA Chart at SUN

An overview of how we manage quality, academic standards and academic risk and how we enhance the student learning experience can be found in the following documentation in the QA dedicated website. Quality Assurance, continuous academic improvement & Accreditation is in our focus. Explore ...