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Humans generally learn through trial and error. But it benefits us to learn through the trial and errors of others as much as we can. And the best way to operate purposefully and strategically? By conducting research, heeding feedback, and defining what exactly you want your results to look like. That research will inform how you construct the ideological foundation of your business or project, and lending credence to customer and user feedback will ensure you’re making necessary adjustments along the way.

Our comprehensive approach to enhancing learning knowledge and development is a significant strength of our research. This puts us in a unique position to look at engineering problems from a variety of new angles, ensuring that we develop and perform world-class research. Our four research centres provide a space for faculty and students to develop, test, and share knowledge. We also perform cross-cutting research on issues such as equal opportunity, educational assessment, and mental health and wellness.

Methodology can be one of the most challenging aspects for doctoral researchers. When we conduct research into education and/or technology, we can be confronted with a potentially confusing array of options. This is true even for those using a well-established approach, but can be especially acute if combining approaches in a mixed-methods study or trying to develop a completely new way of doing research.  Find out more >>>

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